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Rage of Angels


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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to honor the virtues of the land of Brittania and help others that do the same.


Rage of Angels believes the virtues of Britannia should be upheld and cherished at all times. As a guild we will organize various types of events from dungeon crawls for our members only to resource gathering excursions across the land. No member will ever be charged a fee or be expected to pay cash "dues" to become or remain a member of this guild. Instead all members will be expected to follow an honor system of contributing to the resources of the guild in whatever way they are able. This could be anything from donating equipment liberated from enemies in dungeons to a miner helping gather ingots or a smith making new armor for recruits. We will maintain, to the best of our abilities, stockpiles of resources and equipment for our crafters, mages, and warriors.